Motor Club of America

Everyone is trying to figure out, “how to get deals with Motor Club of America”, but the answer is pretty clear. After ordering a Motor Club of America package plan and whenever you decide to use your MCA discount card to take advantage of deals to save money on car rentals, hotel & lodging, prescription medication, and much more, just tell the service vendor to look up the company TVC Marketing Inc.

Most members mention the actual roadside assistance service name instead of the standard company’s and fail to get a discount off major service purchases. Don’t have a membership with Motor Club of America yet? Then take a peek at the exclusive discount deals you receive when you sign up today as a member and use the discount code:

Exclusive Discounts

How to get deals with motor club of America?

You get up to 65% off all purchases mentioned below throughout the United States & Canada. These benefits are available to active MCA members who’ve purchased the plan primarily for the free roadside assistance features for $0.67 a day. Are you ready to save a bundle? If so, go ahead and try this program out, you won’t regret it.

  1. Hotel & Motel
  2. Car Rental Discount
  3. Prescription Medication Discounts
  4. Dental Care Discounts
  5. Eye Exams & Eye Wear Discounts